Cybersecurity is the New Force Protection in the Digital Battleground

Clint Emerson, veteran Navy SEAL and the best-selling author of "100 Deadly Skills," will explore the role of Cybersecurity in Force Protection and how it can help keep the tip of the spear sharp. Our frontline warriors must maintain the strategic and tactical advantage when sent anywhere, day or night, in all weather conditions to fight and keep our Nation free.

Attendees will learn from an elite combat veteran how poor cybersecurity practices within the industrial base compromise our warrior's ability to strike with speed, surprise, and violence of action. Cyber threats place our warriors at risk, and extreme measures are required to mitigate them and ensure mission success.

The Trident, earned by our Nation's most elite warriors, symbolizes power. Our warriors are the tip of its spear, yet they are only as powerful as the heel and shaft. The Defense Industrial Base (DIB), you, represent the heel and shaft of the spear—the frontlines of the ongoing cyber war. Weakening the heel or shaft kills the tip.

Learn from Clint how you can protect our warriors and ensure mission success.



Frogbones / Double Tapp Grill

Frogbones Family Shooting is a veteran-owned and family-run business located in Melbourne, Florida. Our logo and brand are more than just a catchphrase or slogan but instead define our culture and who we are both as a business and as members of our greater community. We are dedicated to the Underwater Demolition Team members (UDT Frogmen) of the past and our fellow active duty SEALs of today that selflessly put themselves in harm’s way to ensure our way of life as Americans. Because of their sacrifices and the sacrifices made by all of our service men and women, we are free to worship as we wish, openly speak out, and bear arms. We at Frogbones consider it a sacred trust to be advocates for both the Naval Special Warfare community and the gun industry as a whole.

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